For more details on our ministry programs, please see the site:

-Hospitality Center – Families with children fleeing danger have been allowed to legally enter, after being vetted by U. S. authorities to seek asylum.  With the help of 150 volunteers and your support, we have been able to help over 1,800 refugees (including 800 children) and served 10,500 meals during 2019.  El Calvario is committed to being a permanent shelter, the only one serving Southern New Mexico.  We are currently renovating our facility to meet all health and safe standards and building codes for permanent facilities and need your help and support to make this a reality.

– Immigrant Advocacy Center – provide advocacy, education, case management and free or low cost legal aid to migrants in our community.

  • Cross Border Missions
  • Provide basic English education for children, meals, blankets, clothing  and infrastructure to Asylum Seekers sleeping at shelters in Juarez.
  • Borderlands Mission experiences – host visiting groups and missions providing and educational and cultural experiences in the issues of immigration and life on the border.   
  • Provide economic startup opportunities for micro businesses using our commercial kitchen.  This will give vital skills to those in the community to increase their economic viability.

Our mission areas are: THE POOR, THE STRANGER, and THE CAPTIVE (Matthew 25):

The “POOR”
Agape Mercado
Feed and Clothe My People;

Sanctuary for Refugees, Immigrant Advocacy Center
Giving Hope to the Hopeless;

GLUE Visit and Comfort the Captive.