The El Calvario Immigrant Advocacy Center’s core values rotate around providing life-nurturing services for our community. We are a place of hospitality for migrant communities as well as a focal point for advocacy and inter-cultural engagement. This means not simply moving people from the margins to centers of power and access, but denouncing the root causes of suffering, transforming structures that dispense injustice as well as supporting the pursuit of truth with scientific research.  It remains one of our fundamental tasks to break down the walls that divide, alienate, exclude, discriminate, and dehumanize.

In the end, is not simply a social, political, or economic matter but a theological event and spiritual issue.  We deport something of our own souls when we fail to welcome the stranger, especially those who are direct neighbors living in our midst.  Not only do our self-built walls not truly keep us safe, but as we neglect the vulnerability of others, we lose touch with our own vulnerability, in the process, forgetting our interconnectedness and from where our real well-being comes.

Statement for Today:   As we know, the public health, economic, and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are severely  affecting communities around the world.  These impacts, coupled with discriminatory, violent practices and policies affecting marginalized and vulnerable communities, have compounded injustice and inequity on a range of issues – access to healthcare, food security, human dignity and rights, and free and fair elections, to name just a few.  Our actions affirm our beliefs related to the latest current events as we firmly decry the unjust burden the marginalized carry in the current pandemic including an associated unqualified affirmation that “Black lives matter.”  We continue our endeavors to help provide the vital “breathing space” for all we come in contact with.